Election 2023: Clean Car scorecard

We’re asking all parties to commit to keeping the Clean Car Discount and the Clean Car Standard – and we’re encouraging New Zealanders to consider these policies when casting their vote.

Our scorecard makes it easy to compare where each party stands on both policies.

Has committed to keeping the: Clean Car Discount Clean Car Standard
Te Pāti Māori
NZ First

* National has confirmed that while they intend to keep the Clean Car Standard, they will work with industry to ensure it’s appropriately set, and takes into account availability and affordability. We believe this could see a weakening of the Clean Car Standard

How we created the scorecard

We wrote to all major political parties (those polling near or above the five percent threshold), and asked whether they’d commit to keeping the Clean Car Discount and the Clean Car Standard.

We’ve only included the positions of parties who responded directly to our emails. We haven’t relied on media reports or secondary sources for information.

We’ll update the scorecard if a party lets us know its position has changed (or, in the case of the parties who haven’t yet replied, when they send through a response).

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